Cayman Chem today announced to their list that they have added JWH-210 to their ever-growing catalog of research chem & associated metabolite reference samples, which includes MDPV both in its salt and freebase incarnations, various urine-borne human metabolites of JWH-018 and JWH-073,


I’d like to speak/email/IM/Skype/txt with anyone who has any interesting personal experience either using or observing a loved one using MDPV, pyrovalerone, naphyrone or mephedrone – or any other “research chemical.”

Please comment here or email mdpvinfo @ gmail. Thanks.

What a strange place for me to find myself.

Here I am, an educated urbanite with access to power and a lifetime of high level, professional experience in my chosen field.  I’m a community leader, a family man, a mentor…  I am also an unlikely, up-close witness to a strange phenomenon.

Over the past decade, I started becoming ever-so-slightly aware of the slow emergence of a new trend that eventually came  to be known as the “research chemical” trade.  It was, I felt at first, essentially harmless.  As have many of my peers, I experimented with LSD in college and found it to be a useful tool, so when very expensive, “boutique” psychedelics started creeping into the Western world through the supposed legal loophole created by the “research chemical” concept, I didn’t perceive it as being problematic.  Afterall, it wasn’t going to be children paying $500 for a gram of artisan-crafted psychedelic.  I watched this from the sidelines, fascinated.

Ten years hence, we are faced with what I perceive to be, arguably, a crisis, where greed, the arrogance of youth and an abject lack of understanding about the law trump honesty, common sense and safety in order to deliver potentially dangerous materials directly to vulnerable markets at extreme profits.  “Bath salts” are the current, prime example of this.

Meanwhile, materials to which various interested parties should legitimately maintain access frequently face arbitrary prohibition.

This blog will serve as an information desk from which I will write about research chemicals, especially MDPV, their use and effects, origins, etc. as well as comment on relevant news stories.  Other industry insiders may participate as well from time to time.  For the time being, editorially, we have chosen to collectively post under the pseudonym “Standish.”

My primary goal is to help correct some common misinformation that has been appearing in corporate press releases, law enforcement bulletins and the press.  I also hope to help clarify and emphasize genuine dangers associated with these materials and their trade while debunking false claims.  It is my sincere belief that nothing turns young people who may be considering experimenting with drugs away from honest, factual, learned information than “reefer madness” style drug hysteria.  This is happening every day now.

I am available to the media for comment anytime.  Please contact me at  As should be the case for expert opinion, my media comments are always unpaid.

For a fee, I am available for hire to consult with or speak to your company, department, organization, etc.  I am available both remotely via the magic of modern  technology, and/or at your facility or location.